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Biomass Briquetting Plant
Biomass Briquetting Plant
The Machine to make the Briquettes from Agricultural Waste, Forestry Waste, and Industrial Waste is called the Biomass Briquetting Plant.

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Briquetting Press

  Biomass Briquetting machine
Biomass Briquetting plant
Mr. Sanjay Tilala
Managing Director & Chairman

Shri Sanjay Tilala is an experienced businessman, a mechanical mastermind. however a self - taught person. He was born into a humble farmers family, in a small village Pal [ Rajkot ] in Gujarat. Since 1994 his business has flourished in leaps & bounds. From a humble beginning now he has a large business Howe with an impeccable reputation.

His flagship factory M/S JAY KHODIYAR MACHINE TOOLS that makes Biomass Briquetting Plants.

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Jay khodiyar machine tool is a leading manufacturer Briquetting plantcompany in India. Biomass Briquetting Plant for Agricultural Waste,Forestry Waste, and Industrial Waste in Gujarat [India]. Business Inquires related to Briquetting Plant, Briquetting Plant Manufacturer Briquetting Plant Exporter is welcome from Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Syria, Saudi Arabia Yemen etc. We are looking for Business Partner for Briquetting Plant in America, USA, UK, England, Europe, Australia, Japan, Kenya, China etc. countries.

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