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Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools is counted as leading names in the fastest growing briquette industry. Our company was promoted under strong, dynamic and very well experienced leadership of Mr. Sanjay Tilala from Rajkot, Gujarat. This company is committed to be the outstanding and professional manufacturer and supplier of the processing equipment like Biomass Briquetting Machine for the recycling agriculture and forest waste and contribute to make a resource saving and environment friendly society.

After 22 years of development, our company has grown to be a renowned project in manufacturing complete sets of Biomass Briquetting Press for recycling resources. Also our company pays high attention and maintains forcefully promoting technical innovation and research, uniform, invention and the creation and investment of the marketing system.

We are an ISO 9001-2008 & CE certified company with many satisfied customers in India and in many other countries. We offer high quality Biomass Briquetting Plant to endow the broad necessities of our honorable clients. In the year of 1994 this company is acknowledged and started their business from very small foundation. But now Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools spreads their business in overall India and many other countries such as USA, Canada, Africa, South East Asia, Nepal, Bhutan, United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Zambia, Nigeria, Kenya, Kuwait and other countries.


What are Briquettes?

What are Briquettes?

Small blocks made from compressed coal dust, charcoal, sawdust, wood chips and other agricultural & forest wastes, used as a fuel in a fire, stoves and boilers. Briquettes are completely eco friendly, non polluting bio fuel. It is also known as ‘White Coal’. These are mostly used in the developing world, where cooking fuels are not as easily available. To form charcoal dust into briquettes, a very large amount of waste material is added to the charcoal dust and then pressure is applied to the mixture. These finished briquettes are manufactured at our production entity under the administration of our shrewd and experienced engineers with the help of hi-tech Briquetting Machine.

Briquettes which are produced by our manufactured array of Biomass Briquetting Plant is commonly square or rectangle in shape. But you can also be made in lump form or other molded shapes. These Bio-briquettes are replacement to non renewable fossil fuels and can be used in several manufacturing industries like kilns, furnaces and boilers. Generally these are pollution free and also contribute to greener surroundings which save worthy foreign exchange. Our motto behind the manufacturing of Biomass Briquetting Machine is “Best out of Waste” and pollution free earth.

Raw materials used to produce Briquettes

To produce excellent quality briquettes, we use forest and agriculture waste things like Wheat Straw, Mustard waste, Rice husk, Arhar stalks, Groundnut Shells, Bagasse, Coffee husk, Cotton Stalks, Sunflower waste, Sugarcane, maize stalks, bajra cobs and Coir dust. These are acquired from agricultural waste. Similarly forest waste such as Wood chips and shravings, Tree bark, twings, Saw dust, bamboo, Wild grasses, Shrubs, Leaves and trash can also be briquetted without any binding agent with the help of our manufactured assortment of Biomass Briquetting Equipments.

Such necessities must be met to produce high quality briquettes:

  • Moisture of raw material should be ranges between 8 to 12%.
  • Raw materials which are used should be pre-shredded to the size of 15mm to 20mm.
  • Also these raw materials should be free from foreign substances such as sand, stones and metal.
Raw materials used to produce Briquettes
How to make Briquettes?

At our well developed manufacturing unit, Briquettes are made by using latest machines and most modern techniques through the following process:

Raw materials like mustard waste, rice husk, saw dust and many other types of agricultural & forest waste are crushed by crushing machines for using materials of two or more types, it should be mixed in uniform manner by mixing machine. We use hammer mill grinder to grind the material and to get desired grains size for small models.

After crushing and mixing, drying process should be continued. When the moisture content is too high, drying the crushed and mixed material by sun drying method or by using flash dryer and by Rotary or turbo dryer. Desired grain sized raw materials are transported by pneumatic system to holding bins fixed over briquetting press.

How to make Briquettes?

Later than that dust is composed by tropical storm. By screw conveyor which is a part of our briquetting plant, material is discharged from bin to the press. Then material is condensed by force through narrow bored die. During compression process, temperature is raised and lignin comes outside and binds the material by its natural binder. At last finished and perfect briquettes can be transformed into different shapes like oval shape, pillow shape, egg shape and cylindrical logs and it is automatically pushed through cooling tracks under slight pressure for cooling and transport storage points. Cooled Briquettes are broken and then packed in bags or stored in bulk for dispatch.

What is the Calorific Value of Briquette?

The calorific or heating value of the Finished Briquettes, produced by our Biomass Briquetting Plant is approx 4000 This value may varies depends on the different types of raw materials used. Produced briquettes can be replacing any kind of coal like lignite, fire wood, steam coal etc.

Advantages of Briquettes as compared to other solid fuels
Advantages of Briquettes
  • Briquettes are biofuel substitute to coal and charcoal and these are very cheaper than coal.
  • Pollution free briquettes are produced at our premises because there is no sulfur or any fly ash when burn.
  • These briquettes placed as a good fuel source due to high thermal calorific value.
  • Briquettes have much lower ash substance for example 2 to 10% as compared to 20 to 40% in coal.
  • Compared to fire wood or loose biomass, briquettes give much higher boiler efficiency because of low moisture and higher density.
  • These are easy to store, pack and very hygienic to handle. Also very easy to transport, feeding due to their unique shape.
Benefits of Briquettes

Today every country wants to preserve their fossil fuel such as oil, natural gas, coal and wood. Briquettes are not only a good fuel but also good for nature, as it only releases that much of carbon dioxide which is required by the environment for plants and trees. Our government offers huge incentives and promotional tax benefits to install Biomass Briquetting Plant, Briquette Press and Energy Briquetting Plant as well.

Smokeless and Minimum Ash Content: Briquettes are used because these are smokeless. This is one of the best properties that make them unique. As compared to other sources of energy, produced briquettes have a higher calorific value thus producing powerful heat. They also have negligible ash substance and a high thermal value. In fact, when compared to firewood, they are 40% more efficient and long lasting.

Pollution Free and Slowly Burning: Biomass briquettes are burn very slowly and efficiently due of lower moisture, minimum ash content and high bulk density. These are immeasurably cleaner and free from pollution than the other fuel alternatives- especially coal, because it does not contain Sulphur. Moreover briquettes does not pollute when they burns. During their production period, at the compression stage briquettes burn for a longer period of time as compared to other sources of energy such as coal.

Go Green with briquetting

Unmatched Quality, Clean Fuel and Cheaper in Price: We manufacture Biomass Briquetting Plant which produces briquettes have stable quality and it is very clean fuel. These are counted as an ideal fuel due to their environmental friendly features. As compare to traditional fuels like black coal, these are available in the market at very nominal prices.

Storage, Maintenance and Saves Transport: Briquettes are very easily stored, maintained and transported from one place to another. Upto 90 % of waste materials are converted into energy briquettes. Also they increase density of biomass thus storage, transportation and maintaining costs reduces by almost 10 times. This feature makes them easy to store and transport than fossil fuels. Additionally, other types of fossil fuels are difficult to handle and very harmful for human beings. They are formed in a variety of sizes and have a long shelf life.

Nowadays 95% industries are using biomass briquettes in place of charcoal and fossil fuels.


Where Briquettes are used (Applications)?

Where Briquettes are used (Applications)?

Briquettes produced by our Biomass Briquetting Plant are used in various industries like ceramic & refractory industry, animal skin business, solvent extraction plant, chemical units, rubber industry, dyeing plants, lamination industries, leather industries,  spinning mills, food processing units, textile units, milk plants, brick making units and other industries having thermal applications.

At last but not least, Biomass Briquetting Machines are designed and developed by our highly qualified and shrewd team of engineers. Manufactured array of these machines provides maximum output in a cost effective and energy efficient way. Since our Biomass Briquetting Plant meets international quality standards and performance, they are immensely demanded by several companies of India and many foreign countries. Briquettes produced from our manufactured Energy Briquetting Plant are excellent replacement of regular fuels such as coal, petrol, diesel etc.



Briquetting Press Machine or Biomass Briquetting Plant is rising day by day. It is most trustworthy project within the industries. Generally, Briquettes are used in place of fossil fuels in industries as well as domestic sectors. Therefore, use Briquettes and install Briquetting Plants to increase our nation’s economy growth and pollution free earth.


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