Charcoal briquetting press machine, manufacturer & exporter Charcoal briquette India
Charcoal briquetting press machine, manufacturer & exporter Charcoal briquette India Charcoal briquetting press machine, manufacturer & exporter Charcoal briquette India

manufacturer Briquetting Machine for wastes  including Biomass Briquetting Plant for Agricultural Waste, Forestry Waste, and Industrial Waste in Ahmedabad Gujarat [India].

Finished Product Briquettes

Briquettes are ready substitute of Lignite / Coal / Wood in industrial boiler and brick kiln for thermal application. Biomass briquettes are Non-conventional Source of energy, Eco-friendly, Renewable in nature, non polluting and economical. It’s made through binder less technique without use of any type of chemical so it is 100% natural. Briquettes have high specific density (1200 Kg/m3) and bulk density (800 Kg/m3) compared to 60 to 180 Kg/m3 of loose biomass. These can withstand the stocks of long distance transport, Loading/unloading and transportation costs are much less, and storage requirement is drastically reduced. Compared to fire wood or loose biomass, briquettes give much higher boiler efficiency because of low moisture and higher density.

Use of bio coal is increasing day by day and has very demandable market due to its fuel cost saving and pollution free characteristic.

A Briquette is an Ideal Fuel Due to

Eco friendly & Renewable Energy fuel.
Economical and cheaper than other solid fuels i.e. coal & wood.
Higher thermal calorific value around 4000 Kcal/Kg.
Pollution free because there is no sulfur or any hazardous material.
Lower ash content 2 to 5%. There is no fly ash when burn.
Consistent high burning efficiency due to the low moisture.
Contain high density & Higher Fix Carbon value.
Easy for Transportation, feeding & combustion due to unique shape.
Combustion is more uniform compared to other coal.
Demandable market due to high rise in fossil fuels price

Application of Briquette/Bio-Coal

Briquettes are widely used for any type of thermal application like steam generation in boilers, heating purpose, drying process & gasification plant to replace existing conventional fuel like coal, wood & costly liquid fuel like FO, Diesel, LDO, Kerosene etc. Use of Briquettes as a fuel for green energy has shown very promising results.

Use of Finished Briquettes in various Industries [ Thermal Application ]

Gasifier System applications
Refractory Industries
Chemical Industries
Milk plant
Vegetable plants
Spinning Mill
Leather Industries
Rubber Industries

Ceramic Industries
Solvent Extraction Plant
Dyeing Units
Food processing Industries
Textile Unit
Lamination Industries
Brick making units
Any Industrial thermal application


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